Simple Summertime Car Maintenance

Summer can be a blast, but make sure you dont forget about your vehicle while youre having all that fun. You need to give your car the proper attention during these hot summer months, or it wont keep getting you where you need to be. The good news is it doesnt take much effort to keep your vehicle happy. Here are six parts of every car that you should regularly check throughout the hot summer months.

Engine Belts

The engine belt of a vehicle runs between the alternator, the fan, and several other components. When it wears out, it can become loose, start to squeal, and even break. If its in bad condition, you wont have the right amount of tension. So if you notice any small pieces missing or any cracks, then its time to replace the belt.

Air-Conditioning System

The worst thing that could happen to you this summer is having to drive without air-conditioning. If your AC is older, then leaking freon is not good. You could buy leak-sealing products and refrigerant rechargers if your system is low on refrigerant. But if this doesnt fix the leak, then bring your vehicle into Hoesly Automotive before you pay to repair the entire air-conditioning system.

Coolant System

This season is prime time for vehicle engines to overheat. Thats why its so important that your cooling system is up to par. Routinely inspect the level of coolant fluid in your car. Additionally, look at your hoses and the coolant reservoir. Be sure to squeeze the hoses to make sure theyre firm and not soft or squishy. Your vehicle should be free of any leaks!

Other Essential Fluids

Besides antifreeze, you should check all of your other vital fluids. This includes oil, brake, power steering, and windshield-washer fluids often. They are used consistently throughout the year and should be replenished every now and then.


Have you noticed a lack of bite? Do they have a sponge-like feeling? If they do, then it might be time for some new brake pads. You might need to bleed the brake system, as well. Its best to have our mechanics inspect your brakes for you.

Air Filter

Now is a great time to check your air filter. If your filter looks dirty, then its a good time to have it replaced. In addition, if you have a newer model car, it likely has a pollen filter or cabin filtration system. Both pollen and cabin filters should be checked on every summer too.

We highly advise that you keep your vehicle(s) strong for the hot summer driving conditions. If you are in need of summer maintenance or any other service or have any questions about your vehicle, visit us at Hoesly Automotive in Vancouver, WA.

Written by Hosely Automotive