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Like every system in your vehicle, the exhaust system plays a key role in your cars overall performance. Of course, it muffles the engine giving you a nice quiet ride, but it does more than that. Your exhaust system also ensures that the oxygen exchange inside the combustion chamber remains constant. It ensures that gases get out and fresh oxygen gets in. When something is off with your exhaust system, it can hurt your vehicles performance. So here are the signs of trouble to look for if something is wrong with your exhaust.

Look for These Signs of Trouble

Loud Noise the first sign of trouble, or at least the most obvious one, is noise. Remember, your exhaust system, specifically the muffler, is designed to silence engine noise. If something is wrong with the muffler, your car is going to get loud. It could be a hole, or it could be a leak. Either way, youll notice the difference. A leak in the manifold gasket could also cause a loud noise, which is another sign your system needs some work.

Gas Mileage Takes a Hit in addition to oxygen, gas is also firing up in your engines combustion chamber. When the engine is forced to overwork, like when your exhaust system has a leak, it will burn more gas in an effort to get more power. So, if youve noticed a dip in your fuel economy, it might be a sign of exhaust system problems.

Car Feels Sluggish when your exhaust system works correctly, it removes the exhaust from the combustion chamber, which prevents exhaust gases from taking too much space. When the exhaust goes out, new oxygen comes in. If you have a leak in your exhaust system, it cant get enough new oxygen and your vehicle could have a sluggish feeling when you try to accelerate.

Bad Smells from The Engine cars can produce bad smells, but they arent supposed to. So generally, if you smell something bad coming from the engine area, you should get it checked out. Bad smells from your vehicles engine could be a sign that the exhaust manifold is leaking. If that happens, extremely hot exhaust gases are released into the engine bay, which is what causes the bad smells. Another possibility is the smell of gas inside your vehicles cabin. That can happen if your exhaust system gets clogged. If you think you have a clog, then dont wait to come and see us.

Worn Out Tailpipe lastly, its always good idea to inspect your tailpipe for any wear and tear. Give it a thorough inspection inside and out and look for dents, cracks, holes, or any other obvious damage. Be sure its also hanging properly, and not to close to the ground. Tailpipes are usually safe from harm, but depending on where you drive, they can get damaged, so make sure its in good shape.

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