Signs You Need To Replace Your Muffler

Signs You Need to Replace Your Muffler Vancouver Auto Repair

We still have about six more weeks of winter ahead of us, but before you know it, it will be spring again. Hopefully, your travels have been safe so far this winter and will continue to be so. One thing to keep in mind when spring does come around is what things look like underneath your vehicle. With all the wet driving conditions, whether its rain, snow, or ice, your car has been pounded with a lot of moisture over the past several months.

On top of that, your vehicle has been subject to sand, deicer, salt, and other substances on the road used to help with winter driving conditions. That means the underside of your vehicle is probably not looking too pretty. And because its out of sight, it often gets overlooked. Thats why its important to include that when you inspect your vehicle. One of the most parts of your car is the exhaust system, which includes the muffler. And your muffler takes a beating during the winter driving months.

How to Tell if Your Muffler Needs Work

If its been a while since you had your muffler checked, you should get that done. It might be time for some repairs, or perhaps even to replace it. Here are some signs to look for that might indicate a muffler replacement is needed.

Loose or Low Hanging Muffler if you hear banging or knocking noises coming from underneath your vehicle it could be from a muffler that has dropped or is loose. The exhaust pipe could also be dragging on the ground. So, if you notice any loud bangs or clangs then get your muffler inspected.

Loud or Unusual Noises speaking of loud noises, your exhaust system can make other weird sounds that arent coming from a loose or dropped muffler. If you notice a difference in the tone of your exhaust system something else could be wrong. It might be your muffler, a bad manifold gasket, or bad exhaust pipe. You might also notice reduce performance. Whatever the cause, you should get it checked out.

Rough Idling your car can idle roughly for several reasons, and a bad muffler is one of them. If your muffler is collapsed or clogged it can make your car shake when you idle. When the muffler has a problem, it can also cause a loss of engine power and it can even make it more difficult to start up.

Get Your Muffler Replace at Hoesly Automotive

Is your muffler showing its age? Is it time to get it replaced? If youve noticed any of these warning signs from your vehicle, then come in to see us in downtown Vancouver, for quality trusted muffler service you can rely on. Our ASE certified technicians will pinpoint the issue and get it fixed, so you can get back on the road.

Dont let a faulty muffler prevent you from safely getting where you need to be. Bring your vehicle into Hoesly for expert muffler repair. And if you need any other service or repair, then please contact Hoesly Eco Automotive today. You can reach us by phone at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online.

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