Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine Works Well Under Stress

Reasons Why Your Diesel Engine Works Well Under Stress Vancouver Auto Repair

Have you ever wondered why people choose to buy diesel engines, or why every semi-truck on the road runs on diesel? Sure, diesel might smell a little funky, and they do have a reputation of being very loud (although they are much quieter now), but there must be a reason that so many drivers choose diesel over a regular gas engine.

Simply put, diesel engines are generally stronger and more durable than gas powered engines. And they typically perform better under high stress than gas powered engines do. Thats why more and more people are going with diesel. Of course, it doesnt hurt that auto manufacturers have made several advancements in diesel engines, either.

Why Diesel?

Here are some of the reasons that make diesel engines a good choice. So, if youre considering buying a diesel, continue reading to see the benefits of driving a vehicle with a diesel engine.

Better Gas Mileage because diesel fuel has higher energy density than gas, it can produce more power with less fuel. Thats what makes diesel engines popular with drivers looking for better fuel economy. With the price of regular gas always in flux, diesel drivers enjoy the extra savings at the pump. Simply put, when you use diesel, you wont have to fill up as often as you would using the same vehicle with gasoline. That means more miles traveled between fill ups.

More Power diesel engines are also more powerful than gas powered engines. That might sound impossible, but diesel engines actually produce more torque, despite using less fuel. So, even though diesel powered engines get comparable fuel economy to hybrids, they still produce maximum power whenever you need it. Youll even notice the difference when you need a quick burst of speed, no matter how heavy the vehicle.

Less Wear and Tear the other big advantage of diesel over gas is that diesel engines work very well under stress. That means they last longer and have fewer problems than gas-powered engines, as long as you take care of them. Diesel engines use high compression to create enough power to move a semi-truck and trailer. So, they have to last under the most difficult conditions. Diesel engines are stronger and more durable than gas engines, which allows them to withstand high temperatures and extreme driving demands. Thats why more and more people are choosing diesel over gas.

Experienced Diesel Engine Service and Repair in Vancouver WA

Its not for everyone but buying a diesel engine is a good option for many drivers, which is why we are seeing so many more diesels on the road than we used to. But what about the cost of diesel service repair? Is it more expensive than maintenance and repair for gas powered engines?

Generally, diesel engine repairs are a little more expensive than regular engines. However, overall maintenance is usually cheaper because diesel engines usually have fewer problems than regular engines. So, in the end, it doesnt typically cost more to own a diesel than a gas-powered engine.

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