Need A New Muffler For Your Car Truck Or Suv

So how much do you know about your vehicles exhaust system? If youre like most people, then probably not that much. But thats okay. You dont really have to know all that much as long as you have a good mechanic. All kidding aside, though, you should be aware of some important things about your exhaust system, especially if youve started to notice some issues with your muffler.

Your muffler might not seem like that big of deal. After all, its just there to silence your cars engine noise, right? Well, not exactly. Your vehicles muffler actually plays an important role for the entire exhaust system to function properly. So if youve noticed any signs of wear and tear with your muffler, dont wait around and let the problems get worse. If left unresolved the problem wont fix itself, and it could get more expensive to fix.

Signs Your Muffler is Going South

There are several telltale signs that your muffler is on the fritz and that it might need to be replaced. Here are the most common ones to watch out for.

Loud Noises one of the first signs of trouble with a muffler is weird or loud sounds from your vehicle. For the most part, you shouldnt hear any unusual sounds when you drive, so if it suddenly sounds like a thousand people snoring in unison, then your muffler is likely the culprit.

Bad Smells your car should not put out any bad smells. If it does, then you need to find out why. Your exhaust is designed to push bad smells out from the car and away from you. If you start smelling your exhaust in your vehicle, then your muffler is likely bad. Dont take this issue lightly. The fumes from your exhaust could be dangerous to your health, so dont let the problem linger.

Worn Out Appearance your muffler will likely be dirty. After all, it sits under your vehicle and is close to the elements. However, if you notice, any strange spots, rust, holes, or cracks, then its time to replace it.

Its Hot another purpose of your exhaust system is to help push the hot air away from your car. If the system isnt working right, your engine could stat to overheat. So, if you notice a sudden increase in temperature, it could actually be your muffler thats causing the problem. So, make sure to get it checked out if you notice your engine or muffler is overheating.

Bad Gas Mileage lastly, pay attention to your fuel economy. There are several different problems that can cause poor fuel economy, so this is not sure sign of a muffler problem. However, if all the other obvious culprits are not to blame, then it could be your muffler. So make sure its not your exhaust system thats causing the problem.

Trusted Muffler Service in Vancouver WA

Please come and see us if youve been having any kind of troubles with your muffler. A bad muffler can be more than just a loud noise. And it you put it off, its only going to get worse. If youve noticed any of these signs, then you probably need some muffler work done. When you bring your vehicle to Hoesly, well figure out whats wrong with your muffler and whats causing the issues youre having. And then well fix it the right way so you can get safely back on the road.

At Hoesly Automotive, our experienced ASE certified technicians know how to repair and replace mufflers for all makes and models. We have the right equipment and knowledge to get the job done right. So whether you need muffler repair, or any other auto service or repair youre in good hands with Hoesly Automotive.

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