Most Important Maintenance Tips For Diesel Trucks

Youve decided to invest in a diesel truck. Or maybe you chose a fancy new diesel sedan. Either way, diesels are very unique. In many ways, you cant treat them like a vehicle with a gas engine. In addition, in most cases, vehicles with diesel engines cost more than their equivalents with gas-powered engines. Diesel fuel is also generally more expensive than regular gasoline. However, cars with diesel engines tend to get better fuel mileage than cars with gas-powered engines.

Keep Your Diesel Engine at Peak Performance

In any case, you most likely paid a lot of money for your new diesel truck and that means you want to take care of it the best you can. So heres what you need to know to keep that diesel engine running smoothly.

Keep it clean the number one thing to remember is to keep your engine clean. The quickest way to mess up your diesel truck engine is by letting it get dirty. So make sure you stick to regular maintenance to keep your fuel clean, your oil clean and your air clean. These will all play a major role in extending the life of your engine and keeping you happy.

Keep an eye on the coolant as it is with any vehicle, your engine coolant is vital to the health of your diesel engine. You should keep close tabs on your coolant ensuring that its clean and at the proper levels. If it becomes too acidic over time, other parts of the cooling system, like the radiator can begin to wear down and corrode. This can lead to big troubles for your diesel trucks engine and more expensive repairs. So make sure your coolant is always in top condition.

Change the fuel filters your fuel filters will wear out. Its inevitable. So just make it a habit of changing them regularly. The best way to stay on top of this is to set a schedule to change them about every 10-15 thousand miles. This will help keep things clean and protect your engine.

Stay up to date on oil changes getting your diesel oil changed regularly, just like your filters, is vital to your engines health and performance. You should get the oil changed on your diesel truck engine about every 5,000 miles. In some cases, it might be necessary to have it changed more often. For example, if you do a lot of heavy towing or hard driving, then every 3,000 miles might be better.

Keep your air filters clean you should also get your air filter inspected regularly, and if its dirty then change it. You can check the filter without removing it. If you see that its due for a change just bring it in to Hoesly Eco Automotive. It might not seem like much, but your air filter plays a key role in your diesel engines performance. So make sure you stay on top of it.

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