Is Your Vehicleas Battery Ready For Winter

Is Your Vehicles Battery Ready for Winter?

Fall has arrived and that means winter is just around the corner, waiting to blow in its frigid temperatures and nasty road conditions. Here in the northwest, you never know what youre going to get when it comes to winter weather conditions. Thats why its important to be ready for anything. That includes making sure your vehicle is ready for what lies ahead.

Its no secret that winter driving conditions can be tough on all vehicles. But the good news is you can do a lot of things to get your car, truck, crossover, and SUV ready for whatever Old Man Winter has to throw at you. One of the easiest, but most important things to take care of is your battery. Just like winter can be hard on you, it can also be tough on your vehicles battery.

Cold Weather Affects Your Battery

Most of the time, you dont have to give your battery much thought. You turn the key, the car starts, and off you go. But when your car wont start, many times the battery is to blame, especially during the cold season. Thats because the cold, harsh, winter weather conditions can affect your battery.

The cold weather can slow your batterys reaction time and cause your battery to lose power in general. When a battery is older, the cold weather can cause it to completely die.

Dont Drain Your Battery

There are other factors to keep in mind to ensure your battery maintains a good charge. All those accessories you use in your vehicle, like the radio or a DVD player, and phone chargers all drain your battery. If your battery is already weak, these accessories are going to make it weaker, especially if they are left on before your start your vehicle again. And always remember to turn off all your lights. Even the smallest bulbs can drain your battery if left on long enough.

Keep it Warm When Possible

Lastly, whenever you have a chance try to keep your battery warm if at all possible. In other words, if you can park it in a garage instead of outdoors this will help your overall battery life. You can go a step further and purchase a battery blanket, which will help insulate and protect your battery from the cold temperatures.

Make Sure Your Battery Is Ready for Winter Vancouver Auto Repair

Winter is coming and that means now is the time to get your vehicle ready for all the possibilities. If its been a while since youve replaced or tested your battery, then now is a good time to get it done. Buying a new battery is way better than getting stuck somewhere with a car that wont start.

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