Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs Of A Leak

Have noticed any funny smells coming from your under your hood after driving your vehicle? Have you seen any dark spots or puddles on the ground under your vehicle? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might have a fluid leak. Not all fluid leaks are created the same. In fact, some puddles are nothing to be concerned about all. However, other fluid leaks can either be sign of a serious problem, or a warning sign that bigger problems could be coming.

Know Your Vehicle Fluids

Your vehicle is full of different fluids and at any time you could find a puddle of one of these under your car, truck, crossover or SUV. They include:

  • Engine oil ?? light brown to black
  • Brake fluid ?? clear to brown and slick
  • Transmission fluid ?? reddish and thin or brown and thick
  • Coolant ?? yellow, green, or pink and slimy
  • Power steering fluid ?? reddish or light brown and thin
  • Water - clear and thin

Look for the Signs of Trouble

Therefore, it??s important to know the trouble signs so you don??t end up with major problems and expensive repairs. So what should you be looking for? There are three important factors to consider when it comes to leaks: color, location and consistency.

  • Color ?? the most important thing to determine is the color because this will help you identify which type of fluid leak you have. For example, water is nothing to worry about, but if you find brake fluid you should get that checked out right away.
  • Location ?? the best way to get a read on the location of a leak is by placing some cardboard or paper under your vehicle when you park it and then check it the next time you go to drive it. This can tell you the general area where the leak is coming from.
  • Consistency ?? when fluids are new and fresh they tend to be lighter colored and thinner. When they are thicker or darker it could be a sign of trouble.

Check Your Vehicle Reservoirs

Due to the ??runny? nature of fluid leaks, it can be difficult to determine exactly where they originate. So another smart thing to do is to check your fluid reservoirs. If you notice that the fluid in a certain reservoir is lower than it should be, then this is often a strong indication that you have a leak somewhere. The bottom line is if you think you have leak then don??t wait to get it checked out. It might be nothing. But if you leave it unattended, it could turn into something worse and lead to major repairs.

Trust Hoesly Automotive to Find and Fix Your Leaks

Do you think your Honda, Chevy, Toyota, Ford or Subaru vehicle has a leak? If you??re not sure then bring it into Hoesly Automotive to get it checked out. Fluid leaks can be a real problem. In many cases leaks are one of the signs of bigger problems. They can also lead to more damage and expensive repairs if you don??t take care of them.

So, if your vehicle has a leak, or even if you think it might have a leak, then schedule your appointment with Hoesly Automotive today. Just call us or you can schedule your appointment online by clicking here. Come to Hoesly Automotive for trusted and reliable auto repair in Vancouver.

Written by Hosely Automotive