Is Your Vehicle Ready For A Fluid Flush A Vancouver Auto Repair

When you think of the word flush, what comes to mind? Obviously, for most people, the good old porcelain throne is the first image that pops into their heads. But our toilets arent the only things that need a good a flush. When it comes to your car, truck, crossover, or SUV, flushing is also very important.

In fact, fluid flushes are a vital part of your vehicles proper maintenance and care. When you do it regularly and properly, fluid flushes will help you vehicle perform better and last longer.

Important Fluid Flushes Vancouver Auto Repair

So what kinds of fluid need to be flushed in your vehicle? There are actually several fluids that could benefit from a good flushing. Each of these fluids plays a different, but important role in the proper operation of your vehicle. However, over time, your vehicles fluids wear down and get dirty. In some cases, your vehicle burns through some of these fluids, causing low levels.

In the worst cases, the fluids can get full of debris and become thick, cakey, or grimy. When your fluids go south the engine parts they are supposed to help begin to suffer. And thats when the big problems begin. Thats why regular fluid flushes can make such a big difference in your vehicles overall performance.

Signs You Need a Fluid Flush

If youre not sure if your vehicle needs a fluid flush there are some signs to look for.

Transmission Fluid If you notice any strange noises or grinding in your transmission, theres a possibility you have grimy buildup in the fluid. If your vehicle has a hard time shifting gears, this could be a sign of bad transmission fluid, as well.

Brake Fluid If your brakes make strange noises or feel soft, this could be sign of old brake fluid. A burning smell is another sign your brake fluid needs to be flushed. And of course, if your ABS light comes on, its likely time for a fluid flush, as well.

Power Steering Fluid When it comes to flushing your power steering fluid, signs to look for include a lack of steering when you make turns. You might also notice that your power steering fluid is leaking. And lastly, if you hear loud noises when you turn, this could be another sign you need a flush.

Come to Our Vancouver Auto Repair Shop for Your Next Fluid Flush

If you think your vehicle needs a fluid flush, then come see us at Hoesly Eco Automotive. We handle all kinds of fluid flushes, including power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. Well drain your system to make sure all of the old fluid is completely removed, along with any dirt buildup or grime. Well then refill your system with clean, new fluids that your vehicle will appreciate.

At Hoesly Automotive, our ASE certified technicians have the experience and knowledge to take care of any type of auto service or repair your vehicle might need. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we always treat you right. So next time you need a fluid flush of any kind, please give us a call at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online, in Vancouver WA.

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