Is Your Vehicle Having Trouble Starting

Have you ever climbed into the driver seat of your vehicle all ready to go somewhere, only to find the engine wont start? That is one of the most frustrating things that can go wrong with a car. Its especially bad when youre in a hurry to get somewhere and youre relying on that vehicle to get you there. Instead, you have to figure out how youre going to get your car to an auto repair shop in Vancouver and get it fixed. Never a fun experience.

Common Reasons Your Car Wont Start

So why does this happen? Sometimes, there are warning signs. You might not recognize them, but they do exist. On the other hand, in some instances, you get no warning at all. You drive it home one day and then the next morning it wont start. So why wont your car start? Or maybe it does start, but you are noticing some of the warning signs that trouble could be on the way. Here are a few reasons that your car could be having a hard time starting. Some have simple solutions and others require more in-depth repairs.

  • Have You Checked Your Lights this is perhaps the most common reason your vehicle wont start. If youve left your lights on too long it could wear down the battery. Its happened to almost everyone at least once. Maybe you had your lights on during the day because it was raining, and you forgot to turn them off. If your vehicle doesnt have auto shut-off lights or make a warning beep, then its easier for this to happen. When left on, your lights will slowly drain your battery and you car wont start. In this case, using some jumper cables to give it a jump start should be enough to do the trick.
  • Hows the Weather the weather can a play a role in how well your vehicle starts. For example, in extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, you car might have difficulty starting. The extreme heat or severe cold can drain your battery and starting system, especially on older vehicles, or with older batteries.
  • Is Your Battery Healthy speaking of batteries, another common reason your car wont start is a weak battery. Even if the battery is not completely dead, it might still be too weak to turn your engine over and get the vehicle started. If you didnt leave the lights on but your car wont start, then your battery could simply be past its prime. Batteries dont last forever, so it might be time for a new one. Check your battery to see how old it is, and then come see us if you need a new one.
  • Starter/Alternator if your vehicle doesnt have any of the above problems then it might be something more serious. And most likely its been showing some signs. If thats the case, you should get into our Vancouver auto repair shop and have our experienced mechanics take a look. A bad starter or alternator will definitely lead to problems with starting your vehicle. This is a more in-depth repair, but we can get it done for you right so your car will start like a champ, once again.

Hoesly Will Get Your Vehicle Running Again

If your car, truck, crossover, or SUV is having trouble starting and its not for one of the simple reasons above, then its time to give Hoesly Eco Automotive a call. It could be for one of several reasons, so let out experts handle it for you. Well diagnose the problem, get it repaired right and get your vehicle back on the road promptly. We know you rely on your vehicle every day so we do our best to get it fixed and back to you as soon as possible.

So give us a call if your vehicle doesnt want to start, or for any other repair service you might need. You can reach us at 360-695-5871 to make your next appointment or, you can click here to set up an appointment online. Our ASE certified mechanics get the job done right. Thats why you can a always expect quality, effective auto repair service at Hoesly Eco Automotive for:

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Written by Hosely Automotive