Is Your Transmission Showing Signs Of Trouble A Vancouver Auto Repair

Besides your engine, your vehicles transmission is arguably the most important part of your cars performance. Its also one of the most expensive parts to repair or replace. So, it goes without saying that taking care of your transmission is very important.

When it comes to your transmissions health, paying close attention to your fluid is the key. And getting timely transmission flushes (generally every 30,000 miles) will help you stay on top of how your fluid is doing. The fact is, simply checking the color of your fluid can tell you whether its time for a flush. It can also indicate whether something else might be going on with your transmission. So, always make sure transmission fluid is the right color, that its full, and thats it clean.

The Transmission Fluid Color Key Auto Repair in Vancouver

So, what should you be looking for when it comes to color? If everything is okay with your fluid, it should be red or even bright red. And it should always be translucent. This means your fluid is healthy and its doing its job right. Healthy fluid lubricates the transmission and keeps it from overheating. It also helps your transmission change gears. If you notice that your fluid is not red, thats a sign of trouble, or at least a sign of aging.

As transmission fluid gets older, it will start to change colors, usually turning orange or light brown. Just because it begins to change colors that doesnt mean you have to drive directly to a repair shop. As long as the fluid is still translucent, it is okay to drive with brown or light orange fluid. However, its also a sign that time is running out. You will need to get a fluid flush soon, so dont put it off too long if your fluid has changed colors. A flush is inevitable if you want to keep your transmission healthy.

When your fluid moves past the orange phase and starts looking dark brown or even black, then you need to act fast. The fluid gets this way because it begins to fill up with tiny air bubbles and it can no longer protect your transmission. If you keep driving with black or dark brown fluid, you could ruin your transmission completely. So be sure to get your vehicle into our Vancouver auto repair shop right away.

Lastly, if your fluid has a pinkish tint to it, thats also a sign of trouble somewhere. If your fluid is pink, then it is probably being diluted by your anti-freeze/coolant. That means you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. So, if your transmission fluid has turned pink, dont wait to get it looked at. Putting it off could lead to your transmission breaking down completely. And no one wants to pay for that repair.

Expert Transmission Care in Vancouver WA

If your transmission has been acting up and youre seeing signs of trouble, then dont wait to get it taken care of. After all, a transmission flush is much less expensive than rebuilding or replacing your entire transmission.

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