Is Your Starter Dead A Vancouver Auto Repair

Has your car been having trouble starting up lately? Does your battery have a full charge? What about the alternator, is it still working? The alternator prevents your car battery from dying, and your battery needs a good charge for your car to start. But these arent the only important parts that help start your vehicle initially. You also need your starter to be working correctly.

This is little motor is what fires up the engine when you turn the key or push the start button in todays newer cars. So, even if your battery and alternator are in good working condition, you might still have problems getting your vehicle going if there is an issue with the starter.

Signs Your Starter Needs to Be Replaced

So other than having trouble with ignition, are there are other signs that your starter is going bad? Yes, there are. Your car may not have all of these issues. It will depend on your vehicle, but if your starter is bad, you should notice at least one of these problems.

Engine Wont Turn Over for starters (pun intended), your car simply wont fire up. You turn the key or push the button, but the engine wont turn over. That is the most obvious sign that your starter could be bad. Starters typically last at least 10 years, but the exact time will depend on the vehicle and how well you maintain it.

Clicking Noise the car starts, but it makes weird noises. This is another sign the starter needs to be replaced. If you hear a clicking sound like your car is trying to do something, but it has a difficult time starting, thats a sign of trouble for your starter. So, if you hear the click, then get it checked out.

Lights Still Work if your engine doesnt work but your lights still do, this is a sign that your battery is not the problem. If the battery was bad, your lights wouldnt work either. So, if the car wont start, but the lights still work, your starter is likely the culprit.

Starter Covered in Oil another issue that can cause your starter to fail is an oil leak. If your engine block is leaking and the oil spills onto the starter, it can damage the starter. However, if the engine block is leaking then you have bigger issues that need to be taken care of, in addition to needing a new starter.

Hoesly Automotive Will Help Your Car Start Like New

Not being able to start your car is a real pain. Cars dont start for several reason, but in many cases, a bad starter is to blame. So, if your vehicle is having issues getting started, then please bring into our auto repair shop in downtown Vancouver to find the problem. If you continue trying to start your vehicle when it doesnt fire up this can cause the engine to overheat. And you dont want that.

Whether its a bad starter, a dead or dying battery, or a faulty alternator, we have the right tools and equipment to diagnose the exact problem and take care of it for you quickly and professionally.

Dont get stuck at the starting line. Get your starter serviced at Hoesly Automotive so you can always reach the finish line.

And if you need any other service or repair, then please contact Hoesly Eco Automotive today. You can reach us by phone at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online. Get your next exhaust service at Hoesly Eco Automotive.

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