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Is your mass airflow sensor giving you problems? What is a mass airflow sensor? Did you know that part even exists? The mass airflow sensor plays an important role in your engines combustion and overall performance. When something is wrong with this sensor, you will notice the difference.

The mass airflow sensors job is to track the amount of outside air that flows into your engine. This air goes to the combustion chamber where it is ignited with fuel. If the wrong amount of air gets into the chamber it affects combustion. So, you need the mass airflow sensor to work correctly for proper combustion.

The good news is the mass airflow sensor typically doesnt die. But it can get dirty, which causes it to perform poorly.

Signs Your Mass Airflow Sensor Is Dirty

There are several signs that your mass air flow sensor needs to be cleaned. Heres what to look for.

Poor Acceleration does your engine hesitate when you try to accelerate? When the mass airflow sensor is dirty you wont get enough power when you try to accelerate. That happens because there is too much air in the combustion chamber and not enough fuel. Thats a sure sign the mass airflow sensor is dirty.

Starting Difficulty another sign of mass airflow issues is an engine that has difficulty starting. This is also caused by the wrong mixture of air and fuel, which leads to spark plugs not being able to ignite properly.

Dark Engine Exhaust your vehicles engine exhaust should be a clear to white color. So, if it is dark, or even black, this is another sign the mass airflow sensor is dirty. The sensor sends the wrong messages to the engine control module, which means your engine is burring excess fuel and that causes the black exhaust.

Engine Idles Rough whenever the combination of fuel and air in your combustion chamber is off, it can cause your vehicle to idle roughly. There are other sources of rough idling, but to know for sure whats causing your rough idle, you need to get your vehicle checked out.

Poor Fuel Economy if your gas mileage has taken a turn for the worse, it could be because the mass airflow sensor is dirty. This happens because your vehicle is not running efficiently, so naturally its going to burn through more fuel. That means more money spent on gas for you.

Engine Surges one other possible side effect of a dirty mass airflow sensor is a jumpy engine. In other words, instead of decreased power, it may experience sudden bursts of power. This can be dangerous, especially if you are driving in heavy traffic.

Solve Your Mass Airflow Sensor Issues at Hoesly Automotive

Have you noticed any of these issues with your vehicle lately? If so, then you need to get it checked out. Whether its the mass airflow sensor or another issue, you dont want to let the problem get worse.

If you think the mass airflow sensor on your vehicle needs to be cleaned or replaced, then please come see us at our downtown Vancouver auto repair shop. Well accurately diagnose the problem and determine the best solution so you can get your vehicle back on the road.

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