Is Your Hybrid Or Electric Car Ready For Winter

If you drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle then you already know you have to treat these vehicles a little different than normal cars. Taking care of a hybrid or an electric car requires a little more attention. Thats also true in the winter months, when things get a little nasty around here in the Pacific Northwest. Its important to winterize any vehicle, but getting an electric or hybrid ready for Old Man Winter is a little different. So here are a few things you should do before winter hits in Clark County this year.

  • General Winterizing there are several obvious steps you can take to winterize your hybrid or electric. For starters, check your anti-freeze and make sure you have enough. Check your oil and your oil filter and get them changed if needed. Make sure your tire pressure is sufficient check all the plugs and wires. Lastly, you can even insulate your front grill. You can do this by cutting and fitting foam pipe into the grill openings. It can help preserve your gas mileage and keep your engine warmer.

  • Keep Your Green Car Clean this goes for all cars, really, but keeping your vehicle clean during the winter months is a smart idea. Any ice or snow that build up on your vehicle can reduce your fuel economy. So wash your vehicle regularly.

  • Lighten Your Load along those same lines, hybrid and electric vehicles are typically front-wheel drive. Thats important because thats where the weight of the engine is, which helps with traction. However, if you have extra weight in your car, because youre carrying around extra items you dont need, that can eliminate the benefit of front-wheel drive. So clean out your car and only haul what you need.

  • Let it Warm Up Before You Drive one of the main reasons you own a hybrid or electric is because of the fuel economy. However, all that money you save on gas will be lost if you dont treat your car right in the winter. It all starts with allowing your engine enough time to warm up before you drive it. If you drive it without a proper warm up your fuel economy will likely take a big hit.

  • Keep It Warm and speaking of keeping things warm, its also a good idea to keep the cabin warm. One of the cool things about hybrids and electrics is that they can heat or cool the cabin before you drive somewhere. The driver programs the settings and the car takes care of the rest. This can warm your car without draining your battery power.

  • Dont Unplug finally, one of the best ways to keep your electric or hybrid running at optimum performance during the winter is by keeping it plugged in. The battery is the key part of your car so you have to take care of it. Cold weather is hard on batteries, so even if your battery is fully charged keep it plugged in whenever possible, whether at home or out and about.

  • Get Your Hybrid or Electric Serviced by the Experts

    If you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle then make sure you have it ready for winter. The rain and cold of the Pacific Northwest can really be hard on your vehicle. So dont overlook the importance of getting it ready for the upcoming chill. If youre electric or hybrid vehicle needs any kind of service or maintenance then come see us at Hoesly Eco Automotive today in downtown Vancouver. We specialize in these types of vehicles. So bring it in and well get your electric or hybrid ready for winter. Call us today to make your next appointment or click here to set up an appointment online for expert Vancouver auto repair.

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