Is Your Anti Lock Brake System Working Right

Is Your Anti-Lock Brake System Working Right?

If you drive a newer vehicle then theres a good chance its equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS). The ABS is designed to help you keep more steering ability and avoid skidding uncontrollably when you brake. While ABS has been around since the mid 1980s, it wasnt standard on most vehicles until more recently. But these days most vehicles come with ABS. That is a good thing because it means more cars on the road are safer.

How Does ABS work?

Because all-wheel ABS prevents your wheels from skidding you can steer your vehicle even though youre breaking. This could help you avoid an accident in certain situations. So how does an anti-lock brake system work? ABS comes equipped with sensors that monitor wheel speed to determine if any of the wheels is trying to lock up during braking. If a wheel does try to lock, a series of hydraulic valves reduces how much brake force is applied to that wheel. This how you can avoid skidding and keep control of your steering.

If youre car has ABS and you start to skid, then make sure not to pump the brakes. This is very important. That is the normal procedure with older cars that dont have ABS. But if you have anti-lock brakes and you start to skid then you should push firmly on the brake and hold it in place. Then allow the ABS to do its job. You will likely feel a pulsing sensation, which is normal.

What Happens if Your ABS Has a Problem?

So what happens if your ABS isnt working properly? First off, dont panic if your ABS warning light comes on, on your dashboard. Your vehicle wont suddenly lose its braking power. Thats the good news. The bad news is you wont have that extra help to prevent you from skidding when you have to brake hard. This could lead to an accident because you can no longer steer while your braking. If you try to stop too close to another object you might not have the ability to avoid it.

How to Diagnose a Problem With Your ABS

So how do you know if your ABS has a problem? The easy way to discover an issue with your ABS is when you see the ABS warning light come on. Sometimes, simply shutting off your car and restarting it can clear this up. Its like rebooting your computer in a way. If the light stays on then it most likely means that something is not functioning properly so you need to get the system checked out by a mechanic. The only other way to notice a problem with your ABS is if you experience skidding when braking that normally your ABS would prevent. But this is unlikely because in most cases if there is a problem with your ABS your warning light will come on.

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