How To Keep You Car Healthy During Winter In Vancouver Wa

Last week, we talked about choosing the right snow tires for winter driving conditions. This week, we want to focus on taking care of the rest of your vehicle during this time of the year. The harsh winter conditions can really be hard on your car. And if you dont take the time to give it the care it needs, your vehicle could leave you out in the coldliterally.

No one wants to get stuck on the side of the road in winter conditions. But if you take proper care of your car, truck, crossover, or SUV then it will take care of you. So heres a list of things to keep in mind to keep your vehicle running right for the upcoming winter chill.

Vancouver Car Care Tips for Winter

Keep an Eye on the Battery this seems like a no-brainer, but most people forget about their battery until it dies. Dont let this happen to you. A dead battery is always an inconvenience. But its even worse in the cold weather. So make sure your battery is in good health. If its not, you should probably replace it sooner rather than later.

Wiper Blades are your wiper blades working right? Maybe youve noticed some streaks. The last thing you want to do is drive in a pouring rain or snowstorm with bad wiper blades. Its annoying. But even more importantly, its very dangerous, if you cant see clearly out your windshield. So make sure your blades are in good working condition.

Ice Scraper if you dont park under cover and you have to deal with ice and snow on your windshield, then invest in a good ice scraper. Dont try to clear off your windshield with your wipers. This will damage the wipers. Make sure you scrape the ice off completely before you drive.

Is Your Oil Good the cold temperatures can be hard on your engine oil. So make sure you have the right oil in your vehicle for the cold. Usually most modern engines use 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30. These all provide efficient oil flow at low temperatures and can usually be used year-round.

Snow Tires, Anyone as we talked about last week, snow tires are a wise move in the winter. They give you extra traction, helping you stay on the road and in your own lane. If you need help with snow or studded tires, then contact Hoesly Eco Automotive for help.

Be Prepared lastly, be prepared for the unexpected. Even the most careful drivers can still have accidents or car troubles. Sometimes, bad things just happen. So its always smart to be ready for the unexpected. That means you should bring an emergency preparedness kit with you wherever you go. You never know when you might need a blanket, a flashlight, and/or some extra food or water. If you plan for the unexpected youll be ready to overcome it.

Come See Hoesly to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Winter driving conditions are not fun. But its a part of life in Vancouver. But if you take care of your car, you have a much better chance of staying safe on the roads. If your vehicle isnt ready for the upcoming harsh winter driving conditions, then come see us today at Hoesly Eco Automotive.

Well help you get your car ready for winter. And if you need any kind of auto repair in Vancouver, we are the best dealer alternative in the Vancouver area. We take care of customers the right way. And we get you safely back on the road. So contact us today and well help you get your car ready for all of the winter driving conditions you might face. Just call us at 360-558-3747 or click here to set up an appointment online.

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