How To Fix A Flat Tire

Have you ever been stuck somewhere with a flat tire? You walk out to drive your car and one of the tires is toast. Its even worse when youre driving and your tire suddenly goes flat. Unfortunately, flat tires are a part of owning a car. Tires are made super durable, but if you run over a nail, youre most likely going to get a flat.

Thats why its a good to know how to fix a flat. At some point, almost everyone will have to fix a flat especially if they dont have a spare tire at least once in their lifetime. So heres what you need to know if you end up with a flat tire.

Using a Tire Plug Kit

The first thing youre going to need is a tire plug kit. Once you have this youre ready to fix your flat.

1. Find the Leak - The next step is to locate the leak. This is often very easy if the nail or other object that caused the leak is still stuck in the tire. If you cant find anything stuck in your tire, the next step is to re-inflate it and then listen for a hissing sound. If you dont hear a hissing sound the next step is to look for bubbles. To do this, you get some soapy water and spray or brush it on the tire. There should be bubbles where the leak is located. Remember to mark the spot so you dont have to repeat all these steps a second time.

2. Remove the Tire - Now you need to loosen the lug nuts and then lift your car with a jack. After you lift the car, unscrew the nuts completely and remove the tire.

3. Prepare the Hole - Clean the area around the leak and then its time to insert the rasp tool that comes with your repair kit. You push it in and pull it out a few times to prepare the insertion point.

4. Insert the Plug - When you finish that step its time for the plug. Thread the plug at the middle of the insertion tool and then push it into the hole. Using glue or rubber cement to lubricate the plug helps it slide it in with ease. It also helps seal the hole. Then leave the plug alone for at least a minute to allow it to dry and seal. After that, trim the part of the plug that sticks out past the tire surface.

5. Reinstall the Tire - Now youre ready to reinstall the tire. First, re-inflate it and then place it back on the wheel mount. Tighten the lug nuts but not all the way. Lower your vehicle and remove the jack. Then finish tightening the nuts.

And thats how you fix a flat tire. This is an important task that everyone should know how to do. But remember, plugging a hole with a tire plug kit shouldnt be considered a permanent solution. To be safe, its best to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop to patch the tire professionally. Or, you should purchase a new tire before driving on the old one another 20,000 miles.

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