How Often Should You Inspect Tire Pressure And Fluids

How Often Should You Inspect Tire Pressure and Fluids?

How are your fluids doing? What about your tire pressure? Both elements are important for the health of your vehicle and your safety on the road. But despite that, many drivers simply overlook these two things.

When it comes to air pressure, most cars these days give you a warning signal that your pressure is low. That makes it easier to stay on top of it. But if your car doesnt have that feature, then its important to check your tire pressure regularly on your own. Driving with low air pressure in your tires is dangerous and it can also lead to problems with your vehicle.

Your fluids are a little different. Other than your oil, cars dont usually have lights to alert you that they need to be changed. So, its important to inspect these yourself, or take them to a shop to have them checked on a regular basis.

Check Your Pressure

Its a good idea to check your tire pressure monthly and its easy to do. You should also check the pressure before going on any long road trips. If your tires are low on air, then add some. If you dont have a pump, many gas stations do, or you can visit any auto repair shop that installs tires for some air. Driving with underinflated tires is not worth the risk to you and your family. So, keep your eyes on the air pressure, and keep them properly inflated.

Five Important Fluids to Inspect

Your car has several fluids and each one plays a key role. Each one also needs to be changed on a different schedule. But all of them are important to your vehicles performance and well-being.

Transmission Fluid its a good idea to check your transmission fluid every time you get an oil change. Transmission fluid is usually good for about 30,000 miles, so you dont have to change it often. But its important to change it whenever its due.

Antifreeze/Coolant You should check your coolant at least twice a year when the weather changes. You want to make sure your engine is protected from overheating and freezing. Typically, antifreeze is good for two to three years, but you should it inspect every six months to be sure.

Brake Fluid its a good idea to inspect your brake fluid with each oil change, but at a minimum, you should check it once a year. You should change brake fluid about every two years, or if it becomes dirty or miscolored from brake residue.

Power Steering Fluid this allows you to easily steer your vehicle but when it gets low or old, then your steering will suffer. You can easily check this fluid by popping the hood and looking at the reservoir. Its a good idea to check your power steering fluid once a month.

Windshield Wiper Fluid last, but not least is your wiper fluid. Much like the power steering fluid, you can inspect the reservoir to see if the fluid is clean and at the right level. Inspecting it every six months is usually sufficient.

Let Hoesly Inspect your Fluids and Tire Pressure

Is your car due for a fluid flush? If you havent inspected your fluids recently, then its time to take a look. If youre not sure how to check your fluids, then please come see us at Hoesly Automotive. Well check all your fluids to make sure they are clean and filled to the proper levels. If its time for a flush, well take care of it for you and get you back on the road.

And if you havent inspected your tires lately, or checked the air pressure, we can do that for you too. Its important to keep your fluids and your tires in top condition to be sure your vehicle is as healthy as possible. So please come see us if you need any fluid or tire service.

And if you need any other service or repair, then please contact Hoesly Eco Automotive today. You can reach us by phone at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online. Get your next exhaust service at Hoesly Eco Automotive.

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