How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

After analyzing your annual or monthly expenditures, you'll find your vehicle is among the top things you spend on. Some associated costs include buying fuel, paying car insurance premiums, and clearing maintenance and repair bills. The good news is that you can do away with some maintenance expenses through careful driving. So here are some bad driving habits you should avoid to escape costly replacement or repair costs for your car.

Driving Through Potholes at High Speed

The most probable issue that arises after slamming into potholes is a tire burst. If you make it a habit, the damage can extend to your car's suspensions, wheel alignment, and steering. Simply slow down when navigating roads with potholes to avoid the inconveniences that come with changing tires midway through your journey or replacing your suspensions often.

Driving With the Fuel Light On

Driving when your fuel light is on or when the tank is almost empty can damage your car. Some vehicles in this era have fuel pumps within the gas tanks. The fuel lubricates the pump and acts as a coolant. Inefficient fuel can make the pump overheat and be destroyed beyond repair. To protect your fuel pump and other components, ensure you refill the gas tank whenever it's a quarter-tank.

Not Using the Parking Brake

Mechanics recommend you use your parking brake anytime you park your vehicle, whether on a hilly or flat ground. The transmission can prevent your car from moving when it's in park mode. However, only the parking brake will keep the wheels locked in one place. Using the parking brake will help reduce stress on your transmission, avoiding any defects that may need replacement.

Driving Off With a Cold Engine

Most mechanics recommend you allow the engine to stay idle for about two minutes to allow oil to circulate appropriately in the engine. Driving off instantly can damage movable engine parts due to insufficient lubrication.

Riding Your Brakes

"Riding the brakes" implies gluing your foot on the brake pedal for prolonged periods, especially when driving downhill. It can make the brakes overheat, a scenario that can lead to an accident. Overheated brakes lose part of their stopping power, making it harder for you to stop the car instantly.

Avoiding bad driving habits can save you multiple repair and replacement costs. You can consult with your trusted mechanic to offer more insights on what you can do to improve your driving habits.

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Written by Hosely Automotive