Helpful Tips For Summer Car Maintenance

Where has the first half of this year gone? Its already the end of June and we have officially hit summer. The summer season is full of a lot of adventure and excitement for many. Most car owners use their vehicles a lot during the summer, with road trips, family reunions, and lots of family sports activities going on.

If youre lucky enough to have a reliable vehicle you can count on every day that makes your summer plans go much smoother. But if you want to continue to be able to get wherever you need to be this summer, its important to take care of your car, so it can stay healthy through these hot summer months.

Top Tips for Summer Car Care in Vancouver

There are several things you can do to get your car in shape for the summer and to keep it running smoothly throughout the entire summer driving season. Here are a few simple things that will keep your car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV in great shape this season. And many of them you can do yourself.

Air Conditioning System summer car care starts with the AC. When it gets hot theres not much else more important than having fresh air to cool you down while you drive. Simply test your AC to be sure its working right. If something is off, then bring it into see us.

Check Your Fluids you should check all your fluids before you head out on any long trips. This includes your oil, steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and of course your coolant/antifreeze. Make sure they are filled to the proper levels and clean of debris.

Tire Pressure and Rotation this is one of the easiest things to do, but also one of the most important. Make sure your tires are properly inflated so you are as safe as can be on the road. Now is a good time to rotate your tires, as well, to help prevent uneven treadwear.

Brake Test give your brakes a good test to be sure they are still in good condition. If they feel spongy or soft or they are making a lot of screeching sounds, then please bring your vehicle in for a brake inspection.

Time for an Oil Change unless youve already an oil change recently, now is probably a good time to get your oil and filter replaced. This will help your cars performance a lot during the summer months.

Check the Air Filter summer is a good time to check the air filter, too. With the heat and dry weather your car will be hit with more dust and other debris. Make sure the air filter is clean and if it isnt then clean or replace it.

Avoid Overheating Your Engine try to do whatever you can to keep our engine and your entire vehicle cool. Make sure the coolant is clean and levels are full. Lastly, park in the shade whenever you can.

Get Your Car Ready for Summer with Hoesly Automotive

These are simple things and most of them you can do yourself. But if your vehicle needs any other services or mechanical maintenance or repair, then please bring it to Hoesly Eco Automotive for auto repair in Vancouver you can trust.

Whatever service you need, big or small, we have the right tools and equipment to do the job correctly. Our experienced, ASE certified technicians know how to properly diagnose problems and fix them. We guarantee our work with a three-year warranty, so you know youre getting quality work every time.

Please contact us today at Hoesly Automotive if you need any kind of service or repair. You can reach us by phone at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online. Get your next AC service at Hoesly Eco Automotive.

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