Getting Your Diesel Truck Engine Ready For Spring

Spring has sprung here in the northwest. That means the long, cold chill is now gone and its time for some serious rain in Clark County. Springtime is the perfect time to start cleaning things up around your home and to get ready for warmer weather ahead. Its also a great time to give your diesel truck some extra attention.

Just like your home, your diesel truck, or any vehicle for that matter, needs some extra care this time of year. Winter can be very harsh on your vehicle so now is a good time to give it some love. So what should you be looking for?

Diesel Tune-up for Springtime

For starters, have you taken the time to check your truck for any obvious issues? If not, thats a good place to start. The cold weather takes its toll on all vehicles, and if you dont pay attention to the little things they can end up costing you big, especially with a diesel truck engine. So here are a few things to pay attention to and some routine maintenance you should consider.

Cooling System the long cold winter has ended, but the harsh conditions were certainly tough on your coolant system. Your antifreeze and radiator have been very active the last several months, so be sure theyre still in top working condition. If you forget this important maintenance step, it could cost you when the summer heat comes around. If the cooling system isnt functioning properly, you could find your diesel truck engine overheating. And you definitely dont want that to happen. So bring it in to Hoesly Eco Automotive to have our ASE Certified technicians check it out.

Brakes and Tires now is a good time to get your brakes and tires checked, as well. Your brake system is obviously important and with the all the moisture, dirt and grime on the roads this winter, its a good time to get them checked and cleaned. The same goes for your tires. Make sure the tread is even and theres no odd wear or tear.

Smart Driving this isnt as much of a service issue, as it is an important reminder. One of the main reasons people buy vehicles with diesel engines is to save on fuel. However, there are a couple of things people often overlook that cost them better fuel economy. Number one, make sure you get your engine properly tuned up on a regular basis. And number two, drive consistently. In other words, driving at a steady speed as often as you can keeps your diesel engine running as smoothly as possible. And that helps you save on your fuel economy.

Trust Hoesly to Get Your Diesel Engine Ready for Spring

You love your diesel truck and you want to treat it right. So be sure you give it a little extra love this spring. Now is the perfect time to bring your diesel truck into Hoesly Eco Automotive for some springtime maintenance. Well give it a valuable tune-up and make sure everything is running on all cylinders, from the cooling system to the brakes and everything in between. Makes sure you get the most out of your diesel truck engine this spring. Come see us today at Hoesly Eco Automotive in downtown Vancouver, WA and well take of your auto repair needs. Just call us today or click here to set up an appointment online.

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