Does Your Vehicle Need Suspension Repair

Does Your Vehicle Need Suspension Repair?

Everyone likes a smooth ride, right? Every time you drive somewhere you can largely thank your suspension system for that smooth ride. Your tires and alignment also play a role, but for the most part your suspension helps calm those bumps and cracks in the road so you dont feel it in your seat. Your suspension system is made up of your shocks and struts. And they have a pretty big job. They have to support several tons of metal day after day, month after month, and year after year. Over time, theyre going to wear out.

Top Warning Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

Getting your shocks and struts replaced is important. Not only do they help with a smooth ride, but they also play a key role in your ability to control your vehicle, especially when turning or stopping. So getting your suspension system checked and/or replaced is a good idea. So how do you know when your suspension needs to be repaired or replaced? Here are some warning signs you should be looking for.

Rough Ride the first real noticeable sign of trouble is a rough ride. If your ride feels more bumpy than usual or every bump makes you feel like youre bouncing then your shocks and struts need some attention.

Dips When You Stop if you get the feeling that your vehicle kind of nose-dives when you hit the brakes firmly then your shocks are likely worn out. If you feel this lurching feeling you could have a hard time stopping quickly. So its important to get your suspension checked as soon as you can.

Vehicle Pulls or Drifts another sign of trouble happens when you make turns. If you feel your vehicle pull or drift one way while youre turning that could mean your shocks arent working right. Because they arent keeping your vehicle stable during turns there is a higher risk of rollover.

Dirty or Oily Shocks if your shocks or struts are oily or dirty, or looked damaged in any way they are likely leaking fluid and that means trouble. Its time to get them checked out to ensure safe driving conditions.

Uneven Tire Wear another sign of suspension problems is uneven tire wear. If your tire tread is not worn evenly then it could be because your suspension is not holding the vehicle evenly, which puts too much weight on the tires.

Expert Suspension Repair in Vancouver WA

If youve noticed any of these signs recently with your car, truck, crossover, or SUV then you might need a suspension repair. Your suspension is an important part of your vehicles overall performance, just like everything else. So you cant overlook it if something is off. If you think your vehicle has some issues with its suspension then bring it into Hoesly Eco Automotive and well get it taken care of. Just click here to set up an appointment online, or give us a call at 360-695-5871 to make your next appointment.

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