Does Your Muffler Need To Be Replaced

Have you ever heard a car drive by that is so loud you want to plug your ears? Did you wonder at the time what caused that annoying sound? Well, theres a good chance it was a bad muffler. When a muffler isnt working right, that means theres something wrong with your vehicles exhaust system. So if youve noticed your car, truck, crossover, or SUV getting louder lately, you might want to check the muffler.

Your exhaust system, like every other system, is a very important part of your vehicle. If its not functioning properly your vehicle isnt going to function properly, either. And if you dont take care of the issues quickly, they could get worse. And that can lead to even more problems, greater damage, and more expensive repairs. So if you notice any trouble signs with your muffler get them taken care of right away.

What to Look for

There are some obvious signs to look out for if your muffler is having any problems. Heres what you need to be watching for.

Loud Sounds car engines make noise, but that noise should be minimal if your muffler is working right. So your first sign of muffler trouble might be louder than usual engine noise. It sounds like an extremely loud rattling noise. Normal engine noise sounds more like white noise quietly humming in the background. So if you hear a rattling sound its time to get it checked out.

Bad Smells your exhaust is where your vehicle emits all the fumes coming from under the hood. Those fumes dont smell good and their dangerous. Thats why they get pushed outside of your vehicle. If you start to smell those fumes inside the car, or they become overpowering outside the vehicle, then get your car checked out immediately. These nasty fumes probably signal serious trouble.

Bad Appearance another way to find signs of a bad muffler is by doing a visual inspection. To get a good look at your muffler, youll most likely have to raise your vehicle in order to get under it. Once under there, look for holes or cracks. If you notice a lot of rust thats a sign a hole or a crack will be forming soon. If you see any water dripping form your muffler thats another negative sign. Its time to get it replaced.

Overheating car engines get hot. But your cooling system protects them from overheating. So if you notice your temperature gauge rising after just a few minutes with your engine running, this could be a sign of muffler problems. And if left unchecked it could actually lead to an overheated engine.

Bad Gas Mileage there are many causes of decreased gas mileage. Bad tires, different problems with the fuel system, and a bad muffler can all cause bad fuel economy. So if youve had to fill up your tank more often than usual lately, you could have a bad muffler, especially, if youve noticed any of these other signs.

Well Put a Stop to Your Muffler Problems

If you think your muffler might be experiencing any of these kinds of problems, then bring your vehicle into Hoesly Eco Automotive. Well diagnose the problem and either repair or replace your muffler. Dont keep driving with a cranky muffler. Get into Hoesly and well take care of it for you. A bad muffler can mean bad gas mileage. So if youre experiencing any of these issues it might be a time to change your muffler. For reliable Vancouver auto repair, please call us today at 360-695-5871, or click here to schedule your appointment online.

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