Do Diesel Engines Require More Maintenance Than Gas Cars

One of the most common questions we hear working in the auto repair and service industry is, Do I have to care for a diesel engine vehicle differently than a gas powered engine? While both gas and diesel engines need similar care, there are some differences between them.

For example, diesel engines usually require oil changes more frequently than gas-powered engines. Some diesel engines also need to replenish their diesel exhaust fluid. This helps cut back on emissions of nitrous oxide. On the other hand, diesel engines dont need as mush service in other areas.

Less Frequent Service

One of the advantages of diesel engines is that you dont have to service other parts as often. For example, diesel engines dont use spark plugs. So you dont ever have to worry about replacing your plugs. In addition, because diesel engines are more efficient than gas-powered engines, they dont wear down as quickly and they dont need as much maintenance. So even though diesel engine vehicles typically cost more, you make up the difference in fuel efficiency and less frequent service and repairs.

Getting your diesel serviced typically costs more than a gas-powered engine. But because you dont have to service them as often your repair and maintenance costs are lower. So eventually over time, you will save money with a diesel if you own it long enough.

Improve Your Diesel Engine Performance

There are other ways you can make owning and caring for a diesel easier than caring for a gas-powered vehicle. These simple steps will improve your overall performance and this will reduce your need for as much maintenance.

Increase Your Fuel you can actually program your computer chip to hold open the fuel injection parts longer. That allows more fuel to enter the cylinders for a longer period of time. That means more fuel reaches the engine and that gives you more power. But be sure you dont send too much fuel into the engine, as this could be dangerous.

Add Pressure another way to increase your diesel engine performance is to put more pressure on the fuel lines. That sends more diesel fuel to the engine faster.

Use the Right Fuel one other way to perk up your engine performance is to use premium diesel fuel. Some people do like to use bio-friendly brands or even homemade fuel, but these really wont help your engines performance. They might help fuel efficiency, but they wont improve engine performance. Premium diesel fuel is the best fuel for top engine performance.

Hoesly Eco Automotive Diesel Engine Repair Experts

At Hoesly Eco Automotive we know diesel engines, because we drive diesel engines. We understand the unique service and maintenance your diesel requires because weve been taking care of diesels for many years. We know how to care for your diesel truck or car so you can continue enjoying all of the benefits of driving a diesel.

So you can always trust your diesel truck with our ASE certified technicians. No matter what service your diesel truck might need, we have you covered at Hoesly. You can trust our team of auto repair experts to help you keep your diesel in top condition. Just give us a call at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online, if you need any kind of diesel auto repair in Vancouver WA.

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