Deadline For Washington State Studded Tire Removal Extended

Deadline for Washington State Studded Tire Removal ExtendedLet Hoesly Automotive Change Out Your Studded Tires

Its that time of year again in Vancouver WA. Northwest drivers need to head to their local tire shop, or auto repair shop, to get their studded tires removed. These traction tires can be a lifesaver when road conditions turn ugly during the winter months. But now that spring is here its time to switch back to your regular tires.

There is some good news, though. The deadline to remove studded tires in Washington is usually on March 31. However, this year, you actually get to keep them on a little longer. Thats because the Washington State Department of Transportation has extended the deadline this year. Drivers in the Vancouver WA area now have until Sunday, April 15 to get their studded tires removed.

Dont Wait to Remove Your Studded Tires

Studded tires are typically allowed between November 1 and March 31. Anyone who is caught driving with studded tires before or after these days runs the risk of receiving a $136 fine. So, while you do have two more weeks before you face a fine, its best not to wait around to get them removed.

There are several reasons not to wait. Obviously, waiting until the last minute is always risky, just in case you cant get into the shop to change them on the deadline. Additionally, the deadline is on a Sunday, and many Vancouver auto repair shops arent open on Sundays. Plus, if everyone waits until the deadline your repair shop might not be able to fit you into its schedule.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Check Your Tires

Besides removing your studded tires, spring is also a great time to check the overall condition of your tires. Winter driving conditions are rough. Plus, with all those studded tires on the roads, the pavement breaks up a lot more. That means potholes are more common. These kinds of roads conditions are bad for your tires. Therefore, now is a good time to get your tires checked and rotated.

Our mechanics know tires. Well let you know if you need new tires. If you dont need new tires well be sure that your current set is properly inflated. We also do alignments and balancing. The summer driving season is coming and you want your wheels and tires to be ready. So come into Hoesly Automotive to get your studded tires removed. Or, make an appointment to get your tire condition checked or for any other auto repair or auto maintenance service your vehicle needs.

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Written by Hosely Automotive