Check Engine Light On A It Could Be Your Egr Valve

Have you ever been driving down the road when your car suddenly seems to lose power? It still drives, but it doesnt have the normal amount of power youre used to. You can tell something is wrong. When this happens, you will usually see your check engine light come on, as well. There are several different possibilities for your vehicle to act this way. And likewise, your check engine light can turn on for many reasons. But one of the most common causes is a faulty EGR valve.

Signs of Bad EGR Valve

First off, your EGR valve (or exhaust gas recirculation valve) is designed to help reduce emissions from your vehicle. Its job is to reroute some of the exhaust gases from your engine back into the combustion chambers in the engine. So how do you know when its gone bad? These are the most common signs:

  • Your Check Engine Light comes on
  • Your vehicle idles rough or stalls
  • You smell the scent of fuel
  • Your fuel burns off more quickly
  • You hear pinging, knocking, or tapping noises
  • You fail your emissions test

What to Do About a Bad EGR Valve Vancouver Auto Repair

If you experience any of these issues, then you could have a bad EGR valve. But, dont run off and replace just yet. Sometimes other problems could be affecting your EGR valve. The best thing to do is bring your car, truck, crossover, or SUV into our Vancouver auto repair shop and get it diagnosed properly. After all, you dont want to pay for new parts that you dont need.

Well hook your vehicle up to our specialized diagnostic tools and make sure its your EGR valve before we replace it. In some cases, your valve still works fine, but the carbon buildup decrease performance. In that case, a good cleaning might be all you need.

Some people can do this themselves. But it will depend on the make and model you drive. The EGR valve is located in different places on different cars. But we can take care of it for you, if youre not sure how to do it yourself.

EGR Valve Replacement

If your EGR valve does need to be replaced, we get the right part for your vehicle and get you back on the road quickly and safely. And well also make sure the Check Engine Light is off and your vehicle is running smoothly again.

Check Engine Light On? Well figure it Out

Theres nothing quite like driving down the road and seeing your check engine light show up on your dash. Its a very unsettling feeling and it can cause many drivers to panic. It can be especially worrisome when your car starts to lose power or misfire.

Many times, a faulty EGR valve can be the cause of the problem. So dont panic. Bring your car into Hoesly Automotive and well pinpoint the exact problem and get it taken care of.

The check engine light can come on for many reasons. So if your dash suddenly has an extra unwelcome light on then come see us at Hoesly. You can trust our ASE certified technicians to fix it, no matter the reason. And if you need any other kind of auto repair or service in Vancouver WA, Hoesly has you covered for that, too.

You can count on our knowledgeable auto repair experts to keep your vehicle in top condition. So call us today at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online, if you need any kind of auto repair in Vancouver WA.

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