How To Choose The Right Vancouver Auto Repair Shop For Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to auto repair in Vancouver WA you have many options to choose from. There are plenty of dealers in the area, and dozens of independent shops all over town. Obviously, location plays a big role in where you take your vehicle, especially for regular service and care. Most people typically choose a […]

Does My Transmission Fluid Need To Be Flushed

When was the last time you had your transmission fluid flushed? The truth is you dont need to have this service done too often about every 30,000 miles generally. But when it is time, you should get it done. Your transmissions health and performance are directly affected by your transmission fluid. If you want to […]

Is Your Mass Airflow Sensor Dirty A Vancouver Auto Repair

Is your mass airflow sensor giving you problems? What is a mass airflow sensor? Did you know that part even exists? The mass airflow sensor plays an important role in your engines combustion and overall performance. When something is wrong with this sensor, you will notice the difference. The mass airflow sensors job is to […]

Vancouver Auto Repair Why Are My Caras Interior Lights Flickering

Have you notice your car lights flickering lately? Its not just your imagination. If either or both of your interior or exterior lights are dim or flickering, its likely a sign of problems with your alternator. Without the alternator functioning properly your vehicle cannot produce enough voltage to keep the battery charged while you are […]

What To Do When Your Vehicle Overheats

Vehicles tend to overheat more often in hot weather. Even though it is rare with newer vehicles, a well-tuned automobile can still overheat. When your vehicle goes through strenuous conditions, like stop-and-go traffic or steep hills on an extremely hot day, you might see some movement on your temperature gauge. A dead confirmation that your […]

Is Your Starter Dead A Vancouver Auto Repair

Has your car been having trouble starting up lately? Does your battery have a full charge? What about the alternator, is it still working? The alternator prevents your car battery from dying, and your battery needs a good charge for your car to start. But these arent the only important parts that help start your […]

Is My Transmission Overheating A Vancouver Auto Repair

Have you ever been driving a long and suddenly noticed steam coming from under the hood? Many times, this is from your vehicles coolant system. When an engine overheats, it has tendency to steam, especially from the radiator. However, the coolant system is not the only thing that can get overheated. Your transmission is another […]

Top Signs Your Engine Is Leaking Vacuum Pressure A Vancouver Auto Repair

When it comes to vacuums, you really want them to suck. But not in a bad way. Most people might not be aware that their vehicles engine includes a vacuum component. But the reality is this vacuum pressure is very important for the smooth operation of your car, truck, crossover, or SUV. When your cars […]

Vancouver Auto Repair Fixing A Flat Tire

Have you ever had a flat tire and been stuck on the side of the road? Maybe youre lucky enough to never have experienced that. But what if you did get a flat tire? Would you know how to change it? Having a flat can be very frustrating, especially if its in the middle of […]

Symptoms Of A Failing Water Pump In Your Car

One of the most crucial parts of a car is the cooling tanks and water pumps. If you suspect yours has an issue here are some telling signs to look out for; Overheating Your car’s engine will overheat if its water pump is broken or dead because it cannot distribute coolant through it. The likelihood […]