Car Warning Signs To Look Out For

After drivingyour vehicle for a while, you become accustomed to how your vehicle drives. Then comes that one day where you are driving and you notice a strange grinding noise coming from underneath the hood - and you think, oh this can't be good. The great thing about understand how your vehicle is drives is the fact that it will be much easier to notice when something is wrong.

Most vehicle owners will complain about a strange noise, a weird smell, or a lack of performance when they suspect something is amiss with their vehicles. While sometimes the issue can be small or easy to repair, there are certain car warning signs to look out for that can indicate a more dire issue:

  • A grinding or clunking noise coming from underneath the hood - this is an indication of a major transmission problem that should be addressed as soon as possible
  • A screeching or squealing noise when your brake - this can point to needing new brake pads, which is important in order to prevent metal to metal contact and brake component damage
  • Leaking underneath your vehicle - a leak means that there is damage to a certain component and it means one of your car's components is low on fluid, which can be an issue
  • Engine keeps overheating - if your engine is overheating, there is more than likely a problem with your cooling system. When the engine overheats, engine components begin to corrode and engine repairs can be very costly
  • Check engine light - we suggest never ignoring a check engine light, especially because it is impossible to pinpoint the issue without running diagnostics. We wouldn't want the problem to get worse, and ultimately, more expensive to repair

If you notice any of the issues listed above that should never be ignored, bring your vehicle into Hoesly Automotive at your earliest convenience.

Written by Hosely Automotive