Can I Replace My Own Headlights

Can I Replace My Own Headlights?

Have you been driving around with one working headlight lately? If so, then you should really get that fixed. Not only does it make it harder to see things when driving at night, but it also makes you harder to see. Driving with a busted headlight bulb is not safe. And even if you dont think its a big safety concern, you still shouldnt drive with only one headlight. Thats because if a police officer notices youre missing a headlight then you could get a ticket.

Both of your headlights might even still be working. But as they get older, your headlights start to get dim, which means your nighttime visibility is not as good. So dont put it off any longer. Get your headlight fixed or replaced and make sure your nighttime travels are safer. But changing a headlight can be such a pain, right? Its true that with todays advancements in vehicles, some headlight bulbs are really hard to get to. And some of the newer bulb styles are very expensive to replace. But in many cases, you can change your headlights yourself.

Change Them at the Same Time

So if one of your headlights need to be replaced you shouldnt put it off. Additionally, unless youve recently changed them both, its almost always best to change both headlights at the same time, even when only ne is bad. Because typically, when one has gone bad, the other one is probably not too far behind.

Which Type of Headlight Is Best?

There are many types and styles of headlights these days. Most newer vehicles come standard with halogen headlights. Other common options include LEDs and Xenon/HID headlights. Halogen lights are very bright and the least expensive so they are a popular choice. LEDs are also very bright but they also use less power than halogen lights. They typically run cooler and last longer, as well. But of course, they do cost more. The other option is Xenon/HID headlights. These are the top of the line when it comes to headlights. They run even cooler than LEDs and they last even longer. Theyre also the brightest of the three options. But of course, they are the most expensive and they can be very tricky to install.

You Can Do it Yourself

If you dont want to pay a professional repair shop to replace your headlights, then you can purchase the lights yourself and replace them on your own. You can usually find instructions in your owners manual, and many times you can find someone who has posted a video on YouTube with detailed visual instructions. So if youre feeling adventurous, then changing a headlight yourself could save you some money.

Still Need Help Then Come See Us

Chances are if you drive an older vehicle, replacing a headlight, or headlight bulb is pretty straightforward. However, if your vehicle was manufactured in the last 5-7 years then it might be a different story.

With all the advances in vehicles these days, some headlights have become quite sophisticated. So its very possible you might need some help with your headlight. In that case, come see us at Hoesly Automotive. Well get the right part and get you taken care of.

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