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Top Tips To Make Your Gas Go Further

Top Tips to Make Your Gas Go Further Vancouver Auto Repair Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on gas. We would all rather spend that money on something a lot better than gas. With gas prices so high, and with no signs of letting up anytime soon, its important you do all you […]

Can You Give Your Hybrid Battery A Jump

Can You Give Your Hybrid Battery a Jump? Vancouver Auto Repair When it comes to fuel economy everyone loves a hybrid. Thats usually why people decide to drive a hybrid to begin with. However, hybrids can offer some unique challenges for maintenance and repairs, especially when the battery dies. If youve ever given a gas-powered […]

How To Clean Your Vehicleas Carpet And Mats

How To Clean Your Vehicles Carpet and Mats Vancouver Auto Repair Cleaning the carpets and mats in your vehicle can be a daunting task, especially if cleaning your vehicle is not something you do regularly. However, it is essential to maintain the overall appearance and hygiene of your car. After all, when you take care […]

What Does Suv Stand For

Everyone’s daily routine and job are unique, as are their vehicles. Some people prefer a very comfortable drive, while others prefer space and efficiency. The main reason for the variety of vehicles we have on the market is that everyone has a specific taste and need. Here come SUVs; they are ideal for those who […]

Vancouver Wa Oil Changes A Synthetic Or Conventional

Vancouver WA Oil Changes Synthetic or Conventional Unless your vehicle is an all-electric, then you need motor oil for it to proper functionally. All gas-powered engines need the right oil, at the right amount. And all gas-powered engines need regular oil changes. Oil changes are so simple, but so many people arent diligent about getting […]

Are Your Tires Costing You Money

Are Your Tires Costing You Money Vancouver Auto Repair Owning a vehicle can be an expensive endeavor. Aside from the monthly payments that most car owners have to make, the cost of ownership can add up. You have to pay for gas, unless you drive an all-electric, and then there are the regular oil changes, […]

Why Is My Engine Making Growling Noises

Why Is My Engine Making Growling Noises Vancouver Auto Repair Your cars engine makes a lot of noises. Some of them are completely normal and in fact, for some people a revving engine is music to their ears. A lot of drivers cant get enough of that roar. However, not all engine noises are good. […]

Is Your Clutch On Its Last Legs Vancouver Auto Repair

Is Your Clutch on Its Last Legs Vancouver Auto Repair Although most vehicles on the road these days have automatic transmissions, there are still cars with manual transmissions out there. If you own a manual transmission vehicle and youve noticed some issues lately, then it might be time for some clutch service. There are several […]

What Is Tire Balancing When To Get It Done

As a responsible vehicle owner, you are probably well aware of the importance of maintaining your tires properly. This includes everything from regular air pressure checks to rotations, to ensuring they are aligned properly. One critical aspect of tire maintenance that often goes neglected, however, is tire balancing. What is Tire Balancing? Tire balancing is […]

Trust Your Diesel Engine To Hoesly Automotive

Trust Your Diesel Engine to Hoesly Automotive If you drive a diesel engine, then you know they are different than your standard gasoline engine. You also know they require specialized care and maintenance. Whether its a common issue, or something more complex, you need to make sure you get your diesel engine serviced by technicians […]