Benefits Of Flushing Your Coolant

Benefits of Flushing Your Coolant Vancouver Auto Repair

Do you know what keeps your engine cool when it runs? Do you know what keeps your engine warm when the temperature drops below freezing? Would you believe the answer is the same for both? Most people know that anti-freeze protects your engine when the sub-freezing weather hits. But anti-freeze is also called coolant because it protects your engine from overheating.

Coolant transfers and evacuates excess heat from your engine to protect it from getting too hot. Engine coolant is pretty basic, but some vehicles use only a specific type of coolant, so its important to know which type your vehicle takes before replacing it or topping it off. And speaking of replacing your engine coolant, do you know the last time you had this important service done?

When Should You Get a Coolant Flush?

If youre not sure, then you should probably at least get the coolant checked to be sure its clean and your vehicle has the proper amount. If it has been a while, then it likely will need to be flushed. A coolant flush is an important maintenance service, and it will protect your engine from possible damage. Generally, its a good idea to have this done about every 30,000 miles. Why Should You Get a Coolant Flush?

There are several good reasons to get a coolant flush, and to have this service done regularly. And theyre all associated with keeping your entire coolant system operating correctly and in turn protecting your engine.

Coolant Flush Benefits

? Coolant flushes help rid your coolant system of dirty deposits, which build up over time. These deposits can cause your engine to overheat and damage it and/or the entire cooling system, so removing them is essential.

? Modern coolants come with additives to help lubricate the water pump, which makes it last longer. By doing a coolant flush you can ensure that the lubricating material in the antifreeze is still in working condition.

? Those same additives also wear out and deteriorate over time. That allows rust and other contaminants to build up in the engine and water pump. This can cause energy deterioration. A coolant flush will prevent this from happening.

? When you get your coolant system flushed, we also inspect the entire cooling system, including the radiator, thermostat, belts, and coolant hoses. If there are any other

problems, like leaks or broken or worn parts, we can detect them during a standard coolant flush.

? Old coolant tends to become acidic, which causes problems in your cooling system. Acidic coolant can damage the water pump, corrode, and break down rubber hoses, and allow metal components to enter the engine block.

Signs of Coolant Issues

If youre not sure what to look for, here are a few signs that your coolant is past its prime. The most obvious thing to consider is the age of your vehicle and how long its been since you last had this service. Another sign the coolant has issues is overheating. If your car overheats, the cooling system needs to be checked. Lastly, if the check engine light comes on or the thermostat/Temperature gauge is giving high readings, your cooling system needs some work.

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