Avoid Costly Downtime For Your Fleet With Preventative Maintenance

Whats your number one focus as a fleet manager? Its got to be keeping your vehicles on the road. Lets face it. Downtime means lost business, and lost business means lost revenue for your company. Of course, there is no way to avid downtime completely. Its an inevitable part of owning or managing a fleet.

Sometimes, vehicles just break down no matter how well you treat them. And other times, it all comes down to whos behind the wheel. If your drivers arent careful, your fleet can suffer. There are other factors, which you have no control, over like other drivers on the road. The bottom line is your fleet is going to have some downtime.

But you can reduce your downtime, and at the same time prevent revenue loss, by properly maintaining your fleet and keeping up to date on repairs and service.

Controlling Fleet Downtime

Even though some downtime is inevitable, you can do a number of things to help reduce it. These steps should go a long way in helping you keep your vehicles on the road and help save you money.

1. Make sure you have the right number of vehicles to ensure your fleet always runs efficiently. This helps increase the amount of time your vehicles are in use. It also helps avoid lost downtime when you have other vehicles that can be placed into service.

2. Use a preventive maintenance program to reduce maintenance-related downtime days. When you plan ahead for your preventive maintenance, you can avoid costly downtime. This planning can make a big difference financially, even with minor adjustments. Its also important to find the right auto repair shop to service your vehicles.

3. These days, there are more and more fleet technologies that provide insight and real-time data that can be a huge help. Make sure you are taking advantage of as many of these as possible. These different technologies can help improve vehicle maintenance and scheduling your service by finding issues before they become a bigger problem. This all leads to less downtime.

4. Are you using fleet telematics? If not, then you should look into it. You can use this technology to track how a vehicle is being driven. You can also get up-to-the-minute insights on fuel consumption and traffic, among other things. These measures can help you optimize and change routes as needed. They can also help you see where youre wasting time and fuel.

Trust Your Fleet Vehicles With Hoesly Automotive

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Operating and managing a fleet is a big job and it can get very expensive. Having the right service partner is crucial. Thats why you should bring your fleet vehicles into Hoesly Automotive and find out why were Vancouvers choice for fleet service auto repair. Our ASE certified technicians get your fleet vehicles back on the road quickly and safely. Just give us a call at 360-695-5871 or click here to set up an appointment online, if you need any auto repair for your fleet in Vancouver WA.

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Written by Hosely Automotive